Mañana día 19 de Agosto (martes) pondré mi libro “Back to the Past” Gratis para que podáis descargarla desde la web de Amazon. Es la versión traducida al ingles de “Vuelta al Pasado”. De la traducción se encargo Abanico de Libros, a los que les agradezco enormemente el trabajo de traducción que hicieron ya que estoy muy satisfecho con el resultado final. Este es el enlace a la descarga en Amazon: BACK TO THE PAST ( Dejo el enlace para descargar de Amazon España, pero recordar que el libro esta disponible en el resto de tiendas de otros países (Francia, Italia, América…).

Os dejo con la sinopsis en Ingles del libro y espero que si alguno la descargáis, disfrutéis de la lectura.

If it could return to the past, that it would like to change? This question is the beginning of a history that narrates as a family meets to have supper in the occasion of the birthday of one of her members, Daniel. They are all; its parents, its small sister, its better friend, even its uncle Eduardo, a man without future that is incapable to surpass its past. But to the celebration unexpected guests are united, four hoodeed persons arranged to anything with so taking their booty. Everything is uncontrolled and then, something amazing happens. All wake up in a remote place. Soon they will realize that for some illogical reason, has backed down in the time. Many, but that many… years back.
Our protagonists will have to surpass infinity of obstacles and to stay together if they want to go out that nightmare, in a fight without truce to survive. They will get to stay united? Will be able to survive extinguished beings does thousands of years that they threaten ending them? Will be those animals the greater challenge or will be another human being the main threat? And, coverall, will be able to escape the past of and returning to the present? A history of adventures, survival, love and overcoming, with many questions and in which only you will be able to solve the doubts immersing in history and returning… to the past.

Portada Back to the Past


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